CosTek is a Texas based firm that offers consultation services specifically in the areas of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure. Many people may associate the name CosTek with low cost or low budget services, but that is definitely not the case. Although our company places a significant amount of importance on operational costs and understands the impact it has on how business is conducted; our core values are more aligned with quality, proficiency, and best-in-class. When CosTek was founded, one of our main goals was to become a Strategic Partner within our industry. Our vision is to provide subject matter expertise to our clients, while sharing one common goal-Success! Whether you’re a large corporation, a Tier-1 operator, or a small start-up, we manage projects for, and offer personalized solutions to organizations of any size. Sure, there may be other firms who do what we do, but what separates us from the rest is the overall customer experience, our commitment to quality, and the end-game result. Your success is our success.